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Tips and actionable items to help you manage your mindset and achieve your goals so that you have success in all areas of your life.  You deserve it and I am here cheering you on!!!

Who are You and Who do You Want to Be: Finding Your Identity and Life Purpose

Feb 11, 2020

Hi!  It's Karen from Karen Vincent Solutions.

How would you answer if someone asked you, who are you?  Would you answer by stating your name?  Would you answer by stating your profession?  Would you say I am ________’s partner or I am ____________’s mother?  Would you say I am someone who believes in equality for all and that the world is a good place?  Would you say, I am a spiritual person? Would you say, I am a strong woman who helps people __________ or would you say I don’t know

This is a question that we probably do not take enough time to reflect on as we go though life.  Even if who we are at our core stays relatively consistent, who we are at different stages of our life changes and it can be beneficial to take time to examine this periodically.  After examining who we are, it is important that we ask ourselves if who we are today is the person we want to be.  If the answer is no, we don’t have to...

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10 Strategies to Help You Stay on Track with Weight Loss or Health Goals When Dining Out

Feb 10, 2020

Hi!  It's Karen from Karen Vincent Solutions.

Trying to stay focused on your weight loss, health or your eating goals, can be a challenge when going out to eat.  You will likely see food choices that are high in carbs, salt and sugar. You will likely be offered very large portions.  You will likely be offered alcohol, appetizers, bread and dessert in addition to your meal.  Maybe a soup or salad too! 

Add in the company you are with who may want to overindulge by ordering lots of appetizers and drinks to kick off your big night out.  In addition, let’s top that with the delicious smell you experience when you walk into most restaurants and BAM…it’s on! 

These circumstances can make it very challenging to stay on track with your wellness goals and before you know it, you easily could have eaten WAY more than you expected.  What happens next, is that you often end up beating yourself up because it feels like you have taken a...

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5 Strategies to Create a Positive Team Culture and Employee Engagement

Feb 07, 2020

Hi!  It's Karen from Karen Vincent Solutions

The culture of an organization and/or a team is very important to its overall success.  As leaders, our goal is to have employees who want to come to work, who want to work hard for the success of the organization and who feel proud about what they do each day. 

We want employees who are emotionally committed to their place of employment.  Unfortunately, this is not the reality for many organizations and, although they vary, statics show that less than half of the workforce is actually engaged in what they do day to day.

Does this mean that they are unhappy or disgruntled?  Not necessarily.  Someone could show up and like the people they work with, have fun at work and appreciate the paycheck the receive; however, this does not mean they feel connected or committed to the work they do each day. 

When employees are not engaged, their effort is not as strong.  When employees are not engaged,...

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