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How to dial up your motivation when it dips throughout the year.

Mar 29, 2021

Have you heard the old joke that the best business model is one where a gym opens on January 1st, and then turns into a bar on February 15th? It sounds crazy…but is it really? Have you ever had big goals in January and within a few weeks or months you are no longer putting in the effort required to achieve your goals? Why can so many of us relate to this? It’s because motivation ALWAYS falls off. Always, you ask. Yes…always. But the good news is that there are some practices that you can put into place that will help you continue to work towards your goals and help increase your motivation when it dips.


Break down bigger goals into smaller goals. When you have a big goal, it may feel overwhelming and hard to get started and see progress. Therefore, breaking down big goals into smaller, clearly outlined, action-oriented steps can help you get started and keep going.


Focus on one day at a time. When you think of the big picture, it can feel...

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