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Tips and actionable items to help you reach your goals so that you have success in all areas of your life.  You deserve it!

How do you Achieve a Goal? One Step at a Time!

Oct 22, 2020

How do you hike up a big mountain? One step at a time. How do you run a marathon? One step at a time. How do you achieve a goal? One step at a time. It’s the same process. The steps can be slow and sometimes you might fall or backslide but if you keep taking steps in the right direction you will eventually get there.


In hiking a mountain, if you stop, you will be standing still in the middle of nowhere, looking up at what you could have achieved. Eventually you will have to make the choice to regroup and start climbing again or start hiking back down the mountain. The longer you stay standing, the less likely you will start pushing up the mountain again.


In running a marathon, if you stop you will watch other runners pass by you and you will never get to that finish line. The more you think about how tired you are, how much your feet hurt, how much further behind you are than others, or how much further you have to go, the less likely you will be to start running...

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You can come out of Covid-19 lockdown better or worse…your choice!

Apr 15, 2020

How have you spent your time during the last four weeks? Does it make you proud or does it make you cringe a little? If it makes you proud…yay and keep it up!  If it makes you cringe, let that go and let’s regroup. None of us knew what was coming our way a couple of months ago and none of us could predict how things would play out or how we would respond to being quarantined, so let’s cut ourselves some slack.

At this point in time, what is important is to look forward, make a plan and choose to come out of this thing better than you were going into it. We have at least two more weeks (likely more) so there is enough time for you to do something that will make yourself proud.  Two weeks is plenty of time to start to form a new, healthy habit.  Two weeks is plenty of time to clean or organize something in your home.  Two weeks is plenty of time to read a book, listen to an educational podcast and start to learn something new. Two weeks is...

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How to Organize Your Day

Mar 09, 2020

Hi!  It's Karen from Karen Vincent Solutions. 

Where did the time go?  How many times have you said this to yourself or others?  How many times have you gotten to the end of your day or week and wondered what you actually got done?  We have all been there…a lot! 

If you are reading this, you are likely busy and a doer.  I already like you…you are my kind of person!  There have been many weekends where I get to Sunday and think…where did two full days go?  I used to get really frustrated so I was motivated to come up with a system where I make sure that I am accomplishing the things I need to accomplish each day, week, month, quarter and year.

Before I go on…let’s talk about “to do” lists. I am a list person, so I am not here to tell you not to have one.  However, I used to make these super long “to do lists” that were overwhelming for me to look at, let alone act on. 


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