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Tips and actionable items to help you manage your mindset and achieve your goals so that you have success in all areas of your life.  You deserve it and I am here cheering you on!!!

Unveiling the Challenge: Why Building New Habits is Hard

Nov 22, 2023

Before digging in…let’s just call out the fact that for many of us, building new, positive habits is just plain hard, and falling back into old, negative habits is just plain easy. With that said, that does not mean that you should not actively work to build new habits that support health, career, relationships, personal growth, or any other area of your life. Building new habits is a crucial aspect of positive change, however, this does not mean that it is smooth or easy. Think about it, if it was…we would all be engaging in positive, healthy habits all of the time.


I believe that when behavior change is hard, understanding why it is hard is more than half the battle. 


This is because when you understand what the obstacles are, and why they are happening, you are much more likely to be successful in managing them. In addition, and just as important, it is easier to be kind to yourself and acknowledge that what you are trying to do is hard,...

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What is a Morning Routine and How Do You Build One?

Aug 23, 2023

It is likely that you have heard talk about the positive impact a morning routine can have on your life. I have many clients who talk about hearing about morning routines but who don’t really understand why they can be so important, or what their morning routine should include. The good news is that there is no “right way” or “wrong way” to do a morning routine and morning routines do not need to take a long time or be complicated.  


I think one of the biggest benefits of a morning routine is that it is an opportunity to intentionally start your day off in a way that feels good.

It allows you time to focus on yourself, and allows you to set the tone for your day. Like so many people, I have fallen victim to waking up in the morning and immediately picking up my phone and consuming text messages, emails, and social media. For me, and for many of my clients, the problem in doing this is that I was losing control of my day before it even...

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Are Your Habits Working For You, Or Against You?

Feb 15, 2023

Whether we are aware of them or not, we all have habits. We have hygiene habits, health habits, lifestyle habits, work habits, financial habits, and habits that we bring with us to relationships. Your habits, whether big or small, can work for you. For example, the habit of brushing your teeth likely works for you. You keep your teeth healthy, your mouth feels fresh, and people are not repelled in a way they would if you did not brush your teeth. Another example would be the habit of exercising every day. This habit also likely works for you because it helps you be healthier, and perhaps also helps you look the way you want to look. A final example could be the habit of always hitting your deadlines at work. This is a habit that could work for you because it allows you to be successful in your job as well as have positive work relationships.

That all makes obvious sense, right? Each habit is reinforced by things such as healthy teeth, a fresh feeling mouth, being healthy, and being...

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How to Create Healthy Habits

Apr 30, 2020

Hi!  It's Karen from Karen Vincent Solutions.

“A settled tendency or usual manner of behavior” is a definition of habit according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary.  When we think of the word “habit” we often think of only “bad habits”. These could include smoking, biting your fingernails, always being late, hitting the snooze button, drinking, checking social media without even thinking about it, eating unhealthy foods…the list could go on forever.

What we don’t talk about or highlight as much are the “good habits” we have.  These could include brushing our teeth every day, making sure all the dishes are done before going to bed, putting gas in the car before the empty light comes on, going to the grocery store and buying healthy food each week, calling a parent or good friend each week to check in…this list could also go on forever. 

What is important to keep in mind, is that habits can be both...

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