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Handle your holiday eating like the Boss Lady you are!

Dec 14, 2020

Why does it feel like food is EVERYWHERE during the holiday season? Usually because it is! The stores are pushing all kinds of unhealthy food, everyone wants to contribute to family / friend meals, there are appetizers before the meal, desserts after the meal, drinks flowing, and then…leftovers. This can make it really challenging to avoid gaining weight during this time of year.


You may be temped to want to give up and eat whatever you want and “start over” on January 1st. This may be the pattern you have had in past years, but let’s make this year different. The key is to have a clear plan for what you will eat, how much you will eat, and how often you will eat. This is 100% doable with just a little planning. I will walk you through this process below so that you are set up for success this holiday season.


  1. Don’t “overshop”. Make a list when you go to the grocery store and stick with it. Avoid the temptation to buy all the "extras" on display during the holiday season. My biggest downfall is when I go to the store hungry. I end up buying snacks and high carb items that I would not normally buy. Make sure you are not going into the store without a plan and/or hungry.


  1. Have a plan for holiday gatherings. Even if you don’t know exactly what will be available to eat, make as specific of a plan as possible for what you want to eat, and how much you want to eat. Visualize how much food you will put into your body ahead of time and make a commitment to yourself to stick with it.


  1. Don’t show up starving. Whether you are hosting, or you are going to someone else’s home, don’t show up to a table full of appetizers starving. I can’t tell you how many times I have made this mistake! It results in overeating appetizers and then still eating a full meal after. Be thoughtful about what you are having for appetizers. Take time to really enjoy them and have those that are your favorites.


  1. Make something healthy and delicious. If you are wanting to be healthy and you are concerned that there will not be enough healthy options, make something that will meet this goal for you. This will give you more control and allow you to feel satisfied, rather than deprived.


  1. Know that you will likely have an urge to eat more than you need to. Don’t kid yourself that this won’t happen if this is something that has happened every single year in the past. Knowing that this will likely happen is half the battle. Plan for what you will do when you have the urge to eat something that you told yourself you don’t want to eat, or when you have the urge to eat more than you normally do. When you notice it, what can you tell yourself? Maybe you tell yourself, “I have eaten plenty already” or, “I really enjoyed this food and don’t feel like I have deprived myself at all so I don’t need more” or, “I am going to hold off so that I can have some dessert” or, “I made a commitment to myself to stick with my plan so I am doing to do so”. Whatever it is, make sure it resonates with you and that you will believe it in the moment.


  1. Play a game or start a new tradition. So much of the focus on holidays for so many of us is on food and drinks. While this is an important part of the tradition, you can create different traditions that don’t involve sitting around and eating all day. Maybe you have a game that you plan, or perhaps you start some sort of new gift exchange activity. This will help take your mind off eating and/or will slow down the eating process.


Notice that none of these tips prescribed what you should or should not eat. I am not suggesting that you restrict yourself, make yourself feel deprived, or fight with yourself to not eat during holiday celebrations. Instead I am offering some suggestions that will help you enjoy all the food that you want to without overindulging or feeling like you are going to give up on your weight / health goals until January 1st.


It is 100% possible to get through the holidays without losing traction on your goals. You’ve got this!


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