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How to Make Your Unconscious Mind Work for You

Dec 13, 2021

Did you know that your unconscious mind is like a thermostat that controls the results you get in your life? Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you start to make progress on a goal, you do something that takes you back to where you used to be? This can happen with weight loss, a financial goal, finding a partner, incorporating a healthy habit, or really anything you are trying to change for the better. 

The reason this happens is twofold. First, it is because when you start to elevate to the next level or move towards your goal, you unconsciously tell yourself that you don’t deserve it, that you don’t belong there, or that you have been unsuccessful in the past so you will be unsuccessful again. Second, you will recognize that it will take quite a bit of work, that it will be uncomfortable, and that you should stay right where you are, which does not involve much effort at all. When these two things happen, you do something that brings you back down to your previous level. It sounds so crazy right? You want something. You work towards it. You make progress and are happy. Then you sabotage yourself and bring yourself back down to where you were when you started. 

It’s like your unconscious mind is an internal thermostat that is set at a certain temperature and keeps trying to bring you back to that temperature over and over. With a thermostat, when something changes the temperature of the room (a door opens, a fireplace is turned on), the thermostat continues to adjust it back to the pre-programmed temperature. Your unconscious mind does this with your behaviors, health, finances, career success, relationship success, etc. When you try to change what is happening in a certain area of your life, your unconscious mind, aka your internal thermostat, tries to adjust it back to the pre-programmed level.

The good news is that when you know this, you can change it by doing the following:

  • Remind yourself every day why you are working towards your goal. Be really clear about the reasons and why they are important to you.


  • Remind yourself that you are worth it, deserve it, are capable of it, and that you ARE going to achieve it. Don’t look to the past to determine your future. Just because you may be trying to do something you have not done before does not mean you are not capable, or worthy of it.

  • Acknowledge that it may be uncomfortable, that you may be taking a risk, or that there may be days when you want to give up. Don’t allow the discomfort to take you by surprise. Know that it will be there and know that when you feel discomfort, there is growth and change happening.


  • As you go to do different things throughout the day, ask yourself, “is this supporting my goal”? If the answer is no, resist the urge, don’t do it, and go back up to tip #1 and remind yourself every day why you are working towards your goal.


  • When you notice yourself doing something that is not in alignment with the results you are trying to achieve, call yourself out. Tell yourself that you WILL achieve your goal and maintain the results no matter what.


When you understand what is happening unconsciously, you can take back control of your mind and manage it. You will no longer run on autopilot, wondering why you are not getting the results you want in your life. You will be able to push through self-doubt and keep moving forward, even when things feel hard. It takes some intention and reflection; however, it is worth it if you want to continue to grow, develop, and create new things in your life.

Live your best boss lady life.

~ Karen

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