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How to Wake Up Determined and Go to Bed Satisfied

Jan 18, 2021

Doesn’t this sound like a great day? I think so! The reality is that this completely possible, however it will not just “happen” without some intention and effort. If we are not thoughtful about both how we want to spend our time each day and how we feel each day, we will lose control over both.


Think about if you were going on an amazing vacation and had to be at the airport at five in the morning to catch your flight. You would likely wake up determined to make sure that you got to the airport on time so that you did not miss out on your amazing vacation. You would have thought about what time you needed to get up, what needed to get done before you left the house, what last minute items you needed to pack, how you would get to the airport, and what time you needed to leave the house. You would have even done some prep work the night before to make sure your morning went as smoothly as possible. Perhaps you even went to bed a little earlier so that you felt more alert in the morning. Regardless of the specifics, you prepped, planned, and made sure that no matter what, you achieved your goal of getting to the airport on time.


Why don’t we do this every day? Think about how much smoother our mornings would be. Think about how much more we could get done. Think about how much more in control of our time we would be. So often we set ourselves up for chaotic mornings where we are rushing around without a clear plan or focus. When I put a morning routine in place several years ago, it was a game changer. It is something I look forward to every morning (even on the weekends) because it is calming, and it sets me up for success. I am clear about what my day will look like so that I make sure I get everything done that I want to or need to.


I think that how we wake up and how we go to bed each day are very much connected. The good news is that we are in control of both (unless of course you have small children who don’t sleep through the night). Below are some tips for you to help you wake up determined and go to bed satisfied every day.


Wake up determined:

  1. Have a specific time you will wake up each day. Keep this time as consistent as is possible. Set your alarm for this time and don’t hit the snooze button. Think about it, every time you hit the snooze button, you are quitting on yourself. You said you were going to get up and have the kind of morning you wanted but when the alarm goes off, you decide that you don’t want that kind of day. I promise you that nobody feels more energized after hitting the snooze button. Dozing off for 8, 10, or 15 more minutes does not energize you. In fact, science tells us that our brains are even more groggy when we wake back up after hitting the snooze button. Pick a time you want to get up and then just get up without overthinking it.


  1. Have a routine. Have a plan for how you start your day. It can be whatever you want it to be that makes sense for you. For some, it may be having coffee and journaling or reading. For some, it may be exercise right away. For some, it may be meditation. For some it may be scheduling out your work. Whatever it is for you, I highly suggest that it does not include checking email, the news, or social media. These are three things that can throw your day off without you even noticing. They are all distractions that will move you away from your intention for the day. Do your morning routine first, and then schedule in time for email, news, and/or social media.


My morning routine involves me practicing gratitude, doing some thought work to make sure my mind is clear and in a positive frame of reference, journaling and writing out my goals, scheduling out my day, and then exercising. All of this happens before anyone or anything can distract me and derail me from my plans. It is such an ingrained habit that I do not even think about it.


  1. Stick to your schedule. How many times have you made a schedule but then spent 30 extra minutes on social media, and then 15 minutes texting with a friend, and before you knew it you were almost an hour behind? Schedule out the most important things that need to get done first. Then fit in the other things as you are able around the most important things. Most people find that doing the things that feel the hardest first is helpful. You get them out of the way early and feel a win, rather than worrying or overthinking them throughout the day. Schedule in time for everything including social media, emails, chores, hobbies, reading, relaxing, etc. Once it is on paper you can see if you really have time for all of it. If not, you can decide what is most important and what you can put off until another day. Doing this will also allow you, over time, to see where you are not working efficiently or where you are getting distracted so that you can make adjustments.


  1. Plan for your next day. At the end of the day, I always take 5-10 minutes to reflect on what I accomplished and to think about what I need to get done the following day. This allows me to wrap up loose ends and to give myself credit for what I accomplished. It also helps me be prepared for my morning routine the following day.


Go to bed satisfied.


  1. Have a plan for how you wind down at night. What do you do in the evenings that helps you feel relaxed and peaceful? I used to end my days watching reality television while also scrolling social media. I thought this was relaxing me, however, it was actually activating my brain more than I was aware. Watching grown women scream at each other while also scrolling thought Facebook and Instagram was giving my brain all kinds of dopamine hits which is in no way relaxing. Think about what feels relaxing to you. For me it is reading while wrapped up in a blanket with a warm cup of decaffeinated tea. Do something that helps the mind and the body start to slow down.


  1. Pick a consistent bedtime. I used to be guilty of thinking that I could function on less than 7 hours of sleep per night. I learned that I could not. In fact, most people can’t. Research has consistently shown that ideally, we need 8 hours of sleep per night, but minimally 7, in order to function at our best. When you pick a consistent bedtime and stick to it, you are helping to create both a satisfying bedtime, and a morning where you wake up feeling determined. If you struggle with getting enough sleep each night, check out my blog post, Are you Getting 7+ Hours of Sleep Each Night?


You deserve to wake up each day feeling amazing, and to go to bed each night feeling satisfied. This is 100% possible for you! What I described here is about forming daily habits that help you create the kind of life you desire. If you are wanting to learn more from me about how to form positive habits, you can go HERE for my 5 Day Challenge to Creating a Positive Habit. In this challenge you will get a workbook and a short video from me for the next 5 days that will walk you thought the detailed steps for creating a positive habit that sticks and helps you achieve your goals.


Live your best boss lady life!

 ~ Karen

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