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You Have a Blank Slate in Front of You…Be Mindful about What You Create.

Feb 16, 2021

The possibilities in your future are endless. There are things you may dream about having or happening in your future, however, there are so many more things that are possible for you which you have not even conceptualized. Your possibilities are so much bigger than your brain and mindset allows you to consider, unless you train it to do so. If you want to achieve your goals and go even beyond what you think is possible, you need to take control of your brain instead of allowing it to control you.


What happens to so many of us is that we spend too much time worrying about the future and focusing on negative things from our past, that we don’t allow for all the possibilities that are available to us. We worry about all the “what ifs” which keeps us playing small and staying within the confines of what we already know. We use our past to inform us about what is possible for our future which restricts us from growing, expanding, and living to our fullest potential.  This is what happens when we allow our brain and mindset to run on autopilot.


Your brain wants to keep you safe which is why it restricts you to seeing only a limited number of possibilities for your future. It is always looking for all the reasons why certain things are not possible for you. It is always looking for all the ways that doing new things, or thinking new things, could cause you discomfort or pain. It is always telling you all the reasons why you should play small, hold onto your past as a reference for what is possible, and to limit yourself. It is always telling you that your past failures are evidence that there will be future failures.


While its intention is good, your brain will hold you back if you allow it to do so. It will remind you of all the negative things from your past and will try to tell you that those things define you. It will try to tell you that those things impact you and what you can be today and in the future. It will try to tell you that someone who has had those experiences is not worthy of the big future that is available to you. I will try to remind you of all the things you were told by others about your limitations. What is even harder about this is that much of what is telling you is happening on the unconscious level, so you don’t even recognize it. The good news is that you can change this.


In the exercise below, I am going to walk you through some strategies to help you overcome this so that you can start to create a vision for your future beyond what you imagined was possible. Grab the 4 page worksheet 9 Steps to Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs, which will help you dive into this deeper. You can get it HERE. 

9 Steps to Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs.

  1. What in your current life is holding you back from dreaming of bigger possibilities for yourself?


  1. What from your past gives you evidence that having a more amazing life is not possible for you? It could be past experiences, messages you received from others, etc.


  1. Go back and read thought your answers from #1 and #2 and notice what it feels like in your body when you read your answers. Sit with the feeling(s) for a few moments.


  1. Take a deep breath and breath into the area(s) where you felt all your restrictive messages. As you exhale say, “This does not define me. This is not my future”. Repeat this 10+ times.


  1. If none of the things you wrote down for #1 and #2 mattered, who could you become? How would you show up in the world each day if none of those things mattered? Write down as many things as possible.


  1. If you were the person in #5, what kind of future would you envision for yourself? Brainstorm all aspects of your future without censoring your thoughts. Use the worksheet, 9 Steps to Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs, that accompanies this blog post to get additional prompts that will really help get you thinking. You can get it HERE.


  1. Write down at least 3 affirmations that you believe that reinforce why this future is possible for you. The key is that you must believe and feel them when you read them out loud. For suggestions, get the worksheet HERE.


  1. What is 1 action step you can take in the next 24 hours that will move you in the direction of this amazing future? Be specific.


  1. Read through Steps #5, #6, and #7 and update and execute Step #8 every day. This will help you keep your momentum and help you change your mindset so that you overcome your limiting beliefs.


When you get really clear about what is possible AND you start to believe it, instead of holding you back, your mindset will start to pull you forward. Instead of feeling like you are not worthy, you will feel like anything is possible. Instead of seeing risk and failure as negative, you will see them as opportunities for growth that will move you towards your desired future. Instead of seeing your past as something that is holding you back, you will accept that it is part of who you are, but that it does not define your worth, who you are today, who you are becoming, or what is possible for you.


I hope you take the time to go through each of these steps using the worksheet. The goal is to repeat #9 each day so that you create new beliefs for yourself that overshadow your limiting beliefs and result in a new mindset. You’ve got this. I am here cheering you on!


Live your best boss lady life.

~ Karen

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