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3 Strategies for Creating Empowering Beliefs

Nov 03, 2022

What you believe about yourself, what is possible for you, and about the world around you impacts the life you create for yourself. Have you ever had periods of time where nothing is working in your favor and then other periods of time where it feels like many good things are coming your way all at once? This is a common experience for many people. So, the question is, why does this happen?


In my opinion, your belief system plays a big role in this. If it feels like things are not going your way, your mind will give you more evidence of this. It will also remind you of times in the past when things have not gone your way. If you are spending a lot of time focusing on negative things happening, you are signaling to your brain that negative things happening are important to you and it will then go to work for you and find more negative things. When this happens, you will not feel energized, excited, or hopeful, and therefore the actions you take can reinforce your beliefs that good things won’t happen for you.


On the other hand, if you feel like you are having some “wins” in your life, your brain will want to keep looking for more wins. It will remind you of past wins and this will make you feel excited, energized, and enthusiastic about taking action to get more wins. You will feel more confident and self-assured because you will be reminded of all the ways in which you have experienced success. When you are in this frame of mind, you will show up each day very differently than how you show up when you are feeling like things are not working in your favor.


The good news is that you have more control over your beliefs than you may think you do. Even when it feels like things are not working in your favor, you can decide to change what you want to believe, which will impact how you feel and how you act. The goal is to change your limiting beliefs that hold you back to empowering beliefs that propel you forward.


If you are feeling like you need some support to increase your empowering beliefs, ask yourself one or all of the following questions. I recommend that you take some time with this and write out your responses so that you can go back and review them as often as is needed. Remember, when you believe it you will put your brain to work for you and when it does this, you will not just believe it, you will also start to see it.


Ask yourself, “When have I had success in the past? What did it look like and how did it feel?”. Go back to your childhood and work to the present moment. Take time to reflect on not only big successes, but also the smaller wins you have experienced. The goal of this is to put yourself back in that empowering state so that you remember what you are capable of.


Visualize yourself achieving the thing you want to achieve. What will it look like? What will it feel like? How will your life and/or the lives of those around you be different? Be as detailed as possible and do this practice a minimum of one time per day.


Ask yourself, “If I was someone who was achieving all that I want to achieve in my life, how do I need to show up each day?”. How would you need to feel about yourself and what types of things would you be doing each day? Then, act as if you are already where you are headed. When you show up as your future self, you are more likely to create the results you are looking for.


As I mentioned, your beliefs are powerful and significantly impact the results you get in your life. Just because you have carried around a certain set of beliefs up to this point, does not mean they are the only beliefs available to you. With some intention and consistent focus, you can create an empowering belief system that helps you achieve all that you want in your life. You’ve got this!


Live your best boss lady life! 

~ Karen 

Karen Vincent Solutions 

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