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The Compound Effect is Always in Play

Jul 19, 2023

The Compound Effect is the principle that small actions or decisions, when applied consistently over time, can lead to significant results. This is because there is a cumulative effect that happens when you do something on a consistent basis, even if you are not recognizing any immediate results. Understanding this and reminding yourself of this can be helpful when you are not seeing the immediate changes you want, resulting in you wanting to quit or give up. 


One thing that is important to know about the compound effect is that it is always in play and can bring about positive results, or negative results for you. 


Consider, for example, that you are making small changes to eat healthier but are not looking or feeling any different…until one day you do. You won’t see any immediate results but there will be a day when you wake up with more energy, or you notice your clothes fitting a little better, or your joints hurting a little less. Living in modern society we are so conditioned for immediate gratification that it is more tempting than ever to quit when you are putting effort into something and not seeing the results you want. On the other hand, maybe you are having a bowl of ice cream and a cookie every day after dinner and you tell yourself that it is fine because you are not seeing any negative consequences as a result of doing this….until one day you do. Maybe you start to notice that you are not sleeping as well, or that your clothes are fitting a little tighter. In both of these instances, the small, seemingly insignificant actions taken daily were adding up until they produced more noticeable results. 


Let me break down how the Compound Effect works when it is working for you and moving you towards your goals or the results you want in your life.


Consistency: This principle does not work if there is no consistency. It is about making small, positive choices and behaviors consistently rather than sporadically. The choices and behaviors you could make are endless, however, some examples could be saving a little more each month, eating a little less at meals, going to bed a little earlier, getting in a little more movement, reducing screen time by a little bit each day, or getting to work a little earlier in the morning. 


Incremental Progress: This means that each small action or decision on its own may not seem significant, but when they are repeated consistently, they build upon each other and contribute to progress that is more noticeable and significant over time. You don’t see much changing until one day you do!

Momentum: Like a snowball rolling down a hill, the compound effect gains momentum over time. The results may start slowly, but as the actions or decisions accumulate, they create a snowball effect where the positive outcomes become more noticeable, and then start to reinforce themselves, which further speeds up the process. 


Multiplier Effect: The benefits of the Compound Effect compound exponentially over time. As the positive actions and decisions accumulate, their effects don’t just add up, they multiply. The results curve becomes steeper and more impactful than it would be if the actions and decisions were sporadic or inconsistent. 

Long-term perspective: As I mentioned, the Compound Effect is at play, even if you are not seeing any notable evidence. It requires patience, persistence, and a willingness to keep going, even when the results are not where you want them to be…yet.

Consider how the Compound Effect works and then think about the things that you are currently doing in your life on a consistent basis. Are they slowly creating the results you want in your life, or are they slowly moving you away from the results you want in your life? If there is something you are doing that is slowly moving you away from what you want, ask yourself what small adjustment you can make to start to move it in the right direction. If there is something that is moving you towards your goals (even if it does not feel like it currently), remind yourself that you are making progress and that you should trust the process because the Compound Effect is in play. You’ve got this!

Live your best life! 

~ Karen 

Karen Vincent Solutions 

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