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The Key to Achieving a Goal is Changing your Mindset

Sep 14, 2021

The mindset you have today, is not the mindset you need to achieve any significant goal you may have. If it was, you would already be there. Whether it is a relationship goal, a financial goal, a business or career goal, a health goal, or any other goal, the reason you have not yet achieved it, is because you are not yet the person you need to be to achieve it. Your belief system drives the outcomes and results you get in your life. If your belief system (both consciously and unconsciously) does not support that you are someone who can have an amazing relationship, be debt free, have your dream job, or lose a certain amount of weight, no matter how many times you tell yourself that you want those things, they will never come to be.


Your brain can be your own worst enemy, however, it does not have to be this way. You are able to rewire your brains so that you believe the things you are trying to achieve before you even have them. Think, “I’ll see it when I believe it”, instead of “I will believe it when I see it”. If you are waiting to see it, but you don’t yet believe it is possible, you will never see it. Your mind drives the outcomes you get in your life, whether you like it or not. This is true for all of us.


If you are reading this and don’t think your mindset is where it needs to be for you to achieve the thing you are wanting to achieve, try the following.


  • Write out what it is you are wanting to achieve (stick to just one goal).


  • Write out what you would 100% have to believe about yourself, what you can do, etc. in order to achieve that goal. Write it out in the present tense.


  • Write out what actions you would need to take on a consistent basis in order to achieve your goal. Don’t think about or look to what you may have done in the past, that does not matter. What do you need to do moving forward to achieve your goal?

  • Realistically, things will be challenging at times, you will want to give up, there will be unexpected obstacles. Write out what you will need to do so that you achieve your goal, no matter what. What will you need to think and feel so that you continue to believe that you will achieve your goal and so that you will continue to take the actions necessary to achieve your goal?


  • Picture yourself achieving your goal. How will it look? How will you feel? Picture that person. What would that person tell you today as you start to work on this goal? Write it down.


Review your answers to these questions every single day. Remember, you must believe with absolute certainty that you can achieve your goal, so consistently working to change your belief system and mindset is crucial. Your brain will want to look to the past and tell you something is not possible. It will want to keep you from making any significant changes because it will be uncomfortable, however, it does not matter what has happened in the past. Your past does not become your destiny. You have the ability to change your mindset so that things that you did not imagine were possible become your reality.


When you learn how to manage your mindset and change your belief system, you can make changes in all areas of your life. You just keep going through this type of process over and over. You learn to recognize old, faulty thinking that may be holding you back, challenge it, and change it. You no longer wait for evidence to appear that something is possible. Instead, you believe it and then it appears. Try it. Give yourself thirty to sixty days and watch what happens.


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Live your best boss lady life.

~ Karen

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