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When you Believe it, You Can Start to Become it

Feb 16, 2022

Do you know why so many people don’t achieve their goals or live the life they say they want to be living? It is because they don’t believe that they can actually achieve what they say they want. If you don’t firmly believe that you can do something, be something, or achieve something, then you will unconsciously hold yourself back over and over. The reality is, if you want to do something that is challenging, you likely do not have the skills, strength, knowledge, means, etc. to do it today. If you did, you would already be doing it, right? 


However, it does not mean that you can’t acquire the necessary skills and knowledge, build your strength, or increase your means so that you can accomplish your goal. In order to do that, however, you must first believe in yourself and believe that with work and focus, you can achieve something that you have never achieved before. This is critical because if you don’t actually believe in yourself, you will unconsciously sabotage yourself. 

The ways in which individuals sabotage themselves can vary but it may be that they continually tell themselves that they don’t have the time required to work towards their goal. They may focus on how others don’t support them and give up. They may procrastinate and wait for the “perfect time” or the “right level of motivation” to start pursuing something. They may take two steps forward and then two…or even three steps back. It is hard to be willing to put in the work to accomplish something that requires effort, if you don’t actually believe that you can make it happen. 


You will keep resetting to your comfort zone, which is where you are currently. If you think that you are holding yourself back because you do not believe you can accomplish what you want to, follow my 5 tips below.

5 Tips for Overcoming Your Self Limiting Beliefs.


  • Write down (yes…as in pen and paper) what you want to accomplish. Be specific and add in a timeline if that is helpful.


  • Write down WHY you want to accomplish this. Why does it matter? What will be different for you if you accomplish it? What positive impact will it have on you and/or others?


  • Chunk it down. If, for example, you said you wanted to lose 25 pounds, chunk it down to smaller goals. If your brain is focused on 25 pounds, it can feel overwhelming. Losing 3 pounds in the next 2 weeks may feel more doable. If, for example, you wanted to earn $10,000 more this year, that may feel overwhelming. Instead, chunk it down and ask yourself how you can earn $1,000 more in the next two months. If, for example, your goal is to find true love this year, it may feel overwhelming to think about how to make this happen. Instead, tell yourself that you will network and meet people (through friends, on dating sites, at social events, Meetups, etc.), and that you will aim to go on two dates per month. If, for example, your goal is to run a 5K but you don’t run at all, make a goal of running for 3 minutes without stopping and then build from there.

  • Log your wins. When you chunk down your goal, you should be making it feel like it is a little bit of a stretch, but also doable based on where you are today. It will require some effort, but not all out effort so that it makes it more likely that you will go outside of your comfort zone and get some momentum. When you do this, take note of your wins. Write them down so that you remind yourself that you now weigh 3 pounds less, you have $1,000 more, you went on 2 dates, or that you ran for 3 minutes without stopping. Acknowledge that you are a different person for having done these things.

  • Keep building. Now that you have some confidence and a win under your belt, what is the next small step you can take. As a reminder, make it a little bit of a stretch but something that you truly believe is possible.


Use this formula over and over and watch yourself move closer and closer to your bigger goal. You will be less likely to self-sabotage because with each small goal you are reminding yourself that you can achieve what you set out to achieve one step at a time. 

Live your best boss lady life.

~ Karen

Karen Vincent Solutions

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