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My List of Things to do During Quarantine to Avoid Boredom

Apr 14, 2020

Although the options are endless, I decided to make a list of the many things that interest me that I could do during quarantine.  I thought of all the things I wish I could learn, do or explore if only I had more time and made a list. I thought I would share it with others in case it inspires you to come up with your own list.

Assuming we have internet access, some books and a little creativity, there is no reason we should be bored during quarantine.  I’m not saying that I don’t wish I could go out to eat, go out shopping just for fun or go spend time with friends, but what I am saying is that not having those options does not mean I have to be bored. For me, spending hours each day watching television or scrolling social media will lead to boredom.

Instead, I am choosing to learn, grow, have some fun and do some things I never seem to have time for. I will likely not have time to get through my entire list, however, I will keep it and try to continue to work through it, even after the quarantine has ended.

My list of potential quarantine activities:

  • Read a book a week
  • Make a photo book
  • Organize my pictures
  • Make new workout and hangout playlists
  • Cook new recipes
  • Learn a dance routine from the new Peloton dance program
  • Learn features on my phone that I don’t know about or use currently
  • Learn tricks and tips for taking better pictures with my iPhone
  • Do home facials
  • Learn how to do my own hair blow out
  • Learn how to do “smoky eyes” makeup
  • Organize my clothes closet and gather clothes for donation
  • Clean out and organize all my closets and drawers
  • Exercise daily / try new exercises or exercises that push my current limits
  • Do yardwork to get the yard looking great for summer
  • Get my garden planted
  • Learn French
  • Find and listen to several new educational Podcasts
  • Research one or two places I would like to travel to in the future
  • Look through past vacation pictures and relive the memories
  • Look though my old high school and college year books
  • Journal more
  • Meditate more
  • Take more baths
  • Reset / rethink my goals for the rest of 2020
  • Research my ancestry

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