Yes I want coaching to help me manage my mindset,  achieve my goals, and change my life.


What you will receive when coaching with me includes the following:

  • An assessment form to fill out prior to our first session if you wish. I strongly recommend this since I will review it prior to our session and it will allow us to spend less time gathering background information and more time talking strategy in our first session.


  • The first session will include an assessment so that I can fully understand your goals, your strengths, where you struggle and any history of attempts to reach your goals in the past. You will also leave with some actionable steps that will support your goals. Tips and strategies will be designed specifically for you based on your unique goals, lifestyles, and needs.


  • Coaching involves us reviewing your progress, working on mindset and developing positive habits, working through any blocks and creating a plan for the following week.


  • Sessions are 45 minutes in length and are via Zoom video. I am punctual and make sure we both start and end on time.


  • 1 email exchange for additional support in between session as is needed (as long as you have a future session booked). If something comes up that you want support with prior to your next scheduled session, you can email me at [email protected] for additional support.

Single session purchase:

This is an option to purchase one coaching session at a time, if you are not in a place financially where you can purchase my 4 session package.  

To get the most out of this work, you will want to attend coaching ongoing so you may want to consider my "Buy 3 get 4 sessions" option for a 25% discount. 

The cost is $125.00 per session.


Buy 3, get 4 sessions purchase:

Do you want to see lasting results in the fastest way possible and at the lowest cost? When you purchase 3 sessions at once, you will get a 4th session for free. Consistency and commitment make a difference in seeing real, lasting change.

That is a 25% discount, and will allow you to book out multiple sessions at a time, on a day and time that works best for you.

The cost is $375.00